Here are my latest compositions written for different projects
in film, tv or video games and compiled here in one album.

With its 120 shows, “Le Monde de Jalèya” (The World of Jalèya) gathers artists who have worked for the biggest shows over these last years in France and all around the world.
About 70 creative and experienced performers and experts, 14 acrobats, 10 dancers, 2 composers, 4 live musicians, 3 singers and 3 actors, all of them ready to bewitch you.

Arise is a journey of symphonic music. It tells through different stages of life the emotions we discover along the way.
Arise is a story divided in 5 mouvements: ‘Awakening’ tells about birth & childhood;
‘Animation’ tells about the discovery of Life & emotions; ‘Absence’ tells about the melancholy and the fear of Loss;
‘Attraction’ tells about Love & Hate; ‘Achievement’ tells about completion & finding happiness.

Emotional compositions written for drama, cinematic videos and documentaries.

Original soundtrack for “Gualapuro”,a documentary directed by Yannick CHAUMEIL.
In Ecuador, Luis and Celestina are kichwan farmers in the Otalavalo’s region.